Orange juice machine


Orange juice machine:

Our orange juice machine is stainless steel. It is a high quality professional automatic orange juicer and it is very easy to use.

“Our orange juice machine is compact, strong and convenient”

The switch ON button is on the side. Press it and get a fresh orange juice within a few minutes. Cleaning the orange juicer will not be long every day, it will take you only a few minutes.

This orange squeezer can store up to 8kg of oranges. It can squeeze up to 5 orange juices a minute.

It accepts all oranges from 60 to 80 mm diameter.

Technical description:

  • Automatic citrus squeezer
  • Stainless steel
  • Magnetic safety switches
  • Dimensions: D 40cm x W 33cm x H 78 cm
  • Net weight: 45 kg
  • Storage: 8 kg
  • Press up to 25 oranges a minute i.e. 1, 40 L
  • Accepts all oranges from 60 to 80 mm diameter
  • Maximum height glass and bottle: 19cm
  • Power supply: 230V/50Hz
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Best offers from Frutéate:®:


  Decreasing price from 4 items (special prices for dealers 15% OFF)

  Available worldwide

  Secured payment (NO FEES)

  Standard 1 year warranty for parts and pieces (2 years extended +69€)

  Put your logo for ONLY 19,95€ (send us the file in JPG format)

  After-sales service in English by phone or mail from Monday to Friday 9 a.m to 7 p.m


Why selling squeezed orange juice?

Drinking fresh orange juices is excellent and it sells very well. Meet the needs of your customers with a fast and reliable professional automatic juicer. Make the difference by choosing a compact machine and you won’t regret it, it is worth it.

“We guarantee the orange juice machine is a purchase that will pay for itself within 2 months only”

You can trust us and we will provide the requested skills for you to sell fresh orange juice and boost your product sales. We can supply juice oranges. Get the best of our distribution network to have the best market prices directly. If you follow our recommendations and advices you will boost your activity and become a professional in fresh orange juice.

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Who are professional orange juicers for?

At first professional orange juicers are for the hospitality professions (bars, cafeterias, hotels and snacks) but also for shopkeepers and craftsmen (small shops, green grocers, bakeries) as well as local communities (hospitals, retiring homes, schools) aiming at offering a new healthy experience. If you are a professional of food service and you wish to meet the increasing demands in fresh orange juices, go for a professional orange juicer.

 «Automatic orange juicer is a 100 % natural experience»

It offers many advantages and enables you to:

  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Retain customers
  • Keep a long term source of income
  • Captivate customers

Make your own orange juice with our automatic juicer. The citrus juicer will boost your point of sale and turnover as well. It is an autonomous and quick solution. You will make profitable your orange juice machine in only 2 months with an average of 10 glasses sold a day.


Benefits of drinking fresh orange juice:

With customers who are becoming more and more demanding and eager to keep fit, the drinking of fresh orange juice has burst out recently. Benefits of drinking orange juice are well known for its nutritional intake in vitamin C.

There is a difference between industrial 100% orange juice content which is pasteurized* and natural 100% pure orange juice. They don’t have the same properties at all. When pasteurized industrial juice loses its vitamins whereas freshly squeezed orange juice keeps its anti-oxidant side.

*Pasteurization is the process of heating beverages such as oranges to destroy harmful and undesirable microorganisms or to limit the rate of fermentation by the application of controlled heat.

Our professional orange juice machine:

What is the most important for us is to make fresh orange juice available for as many people as possible. Thanks to our experience we sell affordable commercials juicers.

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Good value

The pressing system of our orange juice machine is unique as it produces a juice without any sourness as the essential oils in the rind of the orange is not in contact with the juice. You will then serve high quality freshly squeezed orange juice meeting the needs of your customers without any effort as the machine works for you.


Why should you choose our commercial juicers?

  • EASY TO USE “Switch on and squeeze an orange juice right on the spot”
  • EASY MAINTENANCE All parts are washable and easy to assemble
  • RELIABLE AND LONG LASTING Made of stainless steel
  • COMPETITIVE PRICE “Profitable in 2 months only”
  • MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY 1 year in parts (extendable to 2 years)
  • SPARE PARTS IN STOCK “If needed, please contact us”

Is an automatic orange juicer always profitable?

YES it is for sure. As the British drank 1116 million litres of orange juices in 2016 (17 litres per person per year) it makes it clear it is their favourite beverage. Moreover UK is the third largest orange juice drinker in Europe, and 100% natural squeezed orange juice is the new trend. Moreover drinking habits are changing as customers are now drinking anywhere any time so it is vey important to have an automatic orange juicer to meet the increasing needs of customers.

Zumo de naranja natural

A professional orange juice machine is very profitable! You will make more market share in this «juicy» business. The drinking of squeezed orange juice is bound to double over the next 5-10 years. The statistics are clear because now customers are really fond of freshly squeezed orange juice and would rather have it on the spot than drink a concentrate orange juice. Seeing the fruit before drinking its juice is a big success today.


A study was made by our team with 10 glasses sold a day (20cl each) at 3€ (average price in public places)

  • As a kilo of orange costs 1€ on the average all year long at your local retailer
  • 1 kg orange for juice equals 2 glasses of squeezed orange juice
  • Monthly gross invoicing: 900€
  • Net profit : 750€

«An affordable sale price is the key to success»

Given the various operating costs, a glass of orange juice costs around 0.50€ to produce so the net margin is 2.50€ a glass which means 60% profit. As the price of our automatic orange juicer is only 1199€ EXW our investment will be profitable in less than 2 months.

«Some of our clients serve up to 30 glasses of fresh orange juice a day»

Why purchasing an automatic orange juice machine?

We strongly recommend the purchasing of an orange juice machine to our customers as it is the best way to get the lowest price in the long term. Renting a commercial orange juicer is not profitable at all as the purchase will pay for itself within a few months.

With a provision, you rent an orange juicer squeezer but you have to buy oranges to the same company. Generally speakingyou have to buy high quantity of oranges monthly which makes it difficult to achieve goals when starting a new business. If you don’t reach your goal you may get financial penalties or have to give your juicer back. Anyway the net margin applied to juice oranges is too excessive!

naranja de zumo para maquinas de zumo

Our offers?

We offer tailor-made solutions so as to meet your requirements. Our customers are always right and your satisfaction is our priority. Frutéate® has produced and exported Spanish oranges since 2014 and our skills are meant to serve our partners. At the same time we are eager to work directly with retailers. Definitively service, quality and competitive prices are the key.

  • Professional self-service juicers at the best price
  • Suppliers of oranges at wholesale price
  • FAST & EFFICIENT after-sales service
  • We are ready to work with you in order to boost your sales
  • Sustainable supply chain

Let’s live together our passion for citrus:

Frutéate® is first of all the story of a passion for citrus fruits of our land. We are devoted to our work and passion that’s why you can rely on us. So if you wish to start a business selling orange juices, contact us. for more information. We are ready to share our knowledge and passion with you.

“Trusting Frutéate® is a guarantee of success

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