grossiste-orange-a-jus Exporters of Spanish Oranges

We are exporters of Spanish oranges, it's our passion. Everyday we ensure the supply chain of European companies devoted to orange juice retail. Our offer is integral so we are able to satisfy our customers needs thanks to a quickly, efficient and competitive logistic network.

orange-fraichement-pressée Automatic Orange Juicers

We commercialize AUTOMATIC ORANGE JUICERS from our own brand to professionals of the Foodservice industry. We want to bring the Mediterranean essence of orange juice to the world, that's why we provide durable, esthetical and easy to use automatic orange juicers at an affordable price.

agricultura-responsable Organic Citrus

We grow our citrus responsibly and all ressources we use are sustainable with environment. Therefore we have an organic citrus line without treatment post-harvest (from November to May). In this way we only give priority to quality, freshness and sweetness of the fruit in its natural state because we freshly cut by hand when reach optimum maturity levels.