Our highly qualified team works intensively all year long on providing the best quality. We strongly wish to satisfy our consumers’ expectations as well as keep the environment sustainable because we are deeply convinced that they both fit perfectly. That’s why depending on the farm from where the fruit grows, all harvesting processes are regulated at any time by the quality commitments of Global G.A.P. or Integrated Production. All the citrus we commercialize under Frutéate brand are subjected to strict controls of quality at all stages in the production process. Thus we fullfil food safety requirements ensuring traceability, higiene conditions, quality and freshness. For us transparency is essential.

Thanks to our experience we constantly obtain a perfect colour, an ideal acidity rate and a high brix level with a view to comply with the international current marketing standards. Moreover the suitable Mediterranean climate of the Orange Blossom Coast gives to our citrus a high content of vitamin C and other essential nutrients. This is part of the basic Mediterranean diet. New technological tools combined with our traditional knowledge enable us to improve constantly. Even so we’ll carry on working hard season after season to reach excellence.